Sheperd Vegetable Garden receives an office

Sheperd Vegetable Garden is a community of  farmers who grow vegetables to both feed them selfs and to sell on the local market. The garden lies in one of Cape Towns biggest townships Philippi.

Zakheni Agricultural Development and Training Organisation is managing the Sheperd Vegetable Garden, which is the biggest of 15 gardens spread around the townships of Cape Town. The land is provided by the City of Cape Town.

Houses Without Borders Sweden and the construction company Harcon International has chosen to donate a 40 kvm house to the garden to function as a main office for the Farmer Community.

The house is HUG’s first project as an organisation and we are utterly happy about the good feedback we’ve received from the farmers.

If you want to know more about Sheperd Garden do not hesitate to contact our Project Manager Katarina Mattsson.